Top DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Top DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about Halloween!  What is it about dressing up in a silly costume and begging for candy make that night so much fun? Who knows but we love it! I always lock up each September when I start trying to get ideas for my kids costumes. I mean who doesn’t want their kid to be the best looking, cutest little goblin, pumpkin, or witch out there? But man can those costumes be SO expensive! That’s why I’ve done the research for you on the top DIY Halloween costumes to make without breaking the bank.


Baby Mummy

baby halloween costume

If you have a baby and are needing a fast, comfy and easy costume then this costume is perfect for you. This easy baby mummy from eighteen25 can be made with only four items!

Silly Spider Hair-Do

Need a simple costume for school?  This hair-do from SimpleAsThat would be the cutest alternative to a costume and so so easy!

Spider Bun


Dino Tails

Have a little boy who loves dinosaurs? Check out these dino tails from Running with Scissors. This one requires a little sewing but nothing a beginner sewer can’t do and definitely something you can complete in a flash.

Dinosaur costume


Black Cat Costume

For all of the tutu lovers out there. This one is for you! There isn’t too much involved in this costume and can easily be made the day before Halloween. Check out the details at Do It Yourself Divas.

Black cat costume



These scarecrow costumes by Designer Trapped are A-dorable. They are a little more time consuming but well worth it.  Your kid will be the cutest scarecrow on the block!

Scarecrow Costume


Gumball Machine

This may be my all time fave and could be my daughters costume this year. I mean OMG…how stinkin’ cute is this?!

See my version and trial HERE!

Gumball Machine Costume


Little Old Lady

Turn your babe into an old lady! This does not take much time at all and I’m pretty sure you’d have everyone’s heads spinning. Find the details at Brett Bara.

Little Old Lady Costume


Clark Kent

You may just have all of the items to make this costume in your little one’s closet already. I turned my son into Clark Kent on his 2nd birthday and it was SO cute. The best part was it probably costed around $5 as the only thing I needed to buy was the cape.

Clark Kent Costume


Scuba Diver

These cute little divers by Delineate The Dwelling would be very easy to make and wouldn’t take much time to put together. Have some soda bottles lying around? Well, if so you have half the costume taken care of!

Scuba Diver Costume


Turn an original ghost costume into an adorable tutu ghost! Who doesn’t love tutus and your little one will love this one. Head over to the Frugal Navy Wife to find out how to make it.

Ghost costume

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