Happy 1st Birthday Jordyn!

Welcome to the world

Happy 1st Birthday my little one!

September 29th marks my little girls very first birthday. One year ago we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby we had waited for (what seems like an eternity).  It took us a lot of stressful years and heartache to make our little rainbow baby of joy but she finally made it and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Happy 1st Birthday

You made it into this world with only two pushes. After the first push the nurse screamed at me to stop so she could run and grab the doctor. Little did any of us know that you weren’t going to put up a fight. The moment I clutched your little body for the first time I felt a gush of happiness and completeness. How does a Mother love her baby so much after just meeting her?

You make me stronger each and every day. You make me laugh in ways I  haven’t before. You bring your daddy and brother love that I know they have never experienced. You are the meaning of JOY.

On this day of yours I would like to leave you with some advice your momma has learned along the way.

  • Be kind even when others are not.
  • Never judge but know that you will be judged.
  • You’re family is the most important thing you have. They are your backbone.
  • Yes, you can be pretty and smart.
  • Don’t depend on anyone else but yourself.
  • Learn the word NO. You will need to use it often in life.
  • Your beauty on the inside is more important than the outside.
  • Choose your girlfriends wisely.
  • Don’t be afraid to love.
  • Marry your best friend.
  • Most fairy tales were written by men. Do not expect to be a Cinderella.

Happy 1st Birthday

One year down but so many more to go. Keep that smile on your face and your head up. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in this crazy world. Happy 1st Birthday Jo!



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