Calgary move and one month in!

I cannot believe it’s been one month already since we packed our house and bags in Dallas, moved to another country and settled ourselves in to our new home in Canada. It’s amazing how fast one can adapt to new environments and change. It really does feel like home already! My husband and I both have always had a positive look on this move. I mean what could be so bad to move to Calgary, AB right outside of the Rocky Mountains? It would be an adventure! We could not pass up the opportunity to move to another country for 2-3 years and to give our kids (and us) this amazing chance to explore.












Don’t get me wrong, all of this positivism doesn’t mean we don’t miss our family and friends. Moving miles away without that support team coming with you is tough. Oh and leaving your dogs behind is heartbreaking. Getting ready for the big move and figuring out the logistics of what was needed to get us into Canada was STRESSFUL.



Visas, social insurance, health insurance, passports for the kids, new bank accounts, selling our cars back home, getting new cars in Canada, car insurance, registering my son for school, finding a new home, renting our old home, blah, blah, blah.  Lets just say a lot of wine was involved. Oh and did you know that your credit in the U.S. does not transfer with you to another country? It seems like I should have known this but it still is mind blowing to me every time I think about it.

The people here have been so welcoming to us. I’ve had many followers on Instagram reach out congratulating us on the move along with so many Calgarians reaching out to us from social media giving us tips on the local attractions restaurants to try. We have had the chance to visit Canmore and Banff which are both beautiful. We can’t wait to get back up to the mountains to do some skiing  as well as visit the beautiful lakes.

Well, here we go! Our adventure is just beginning.



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